5 Stamping Tips for Beginners

October 12, 2021

5 Stamping Tips for Beginners

Stamping is a fantastic creative outlet.  It is a great way to relax and when you complete your project you have a great sense of satisfaction.

Here are 5 stamping tip for beginners.

  1. Decide on the layout of your card first, where you will want to stamp the images, where other elements etc will be placed etc
  2. Always choose good quality stamps. This will ensure that you get a quality finish to your project
  3. Make sure that you fully ink your stamp. When inking your stamp you should ink your stamp rather than stamp your ink. So place your stamp flat on the table then ink your stamp with the ink pad all over, this will give a good, even coverage
  4. Once the stamp is inked press it straight down onto your project.  Avoid rocking the stamp.  Press firmly and then lift the stamp straight up. Some people find it easier to stamp when standing up, but that is personal preference.
  5. Keep your stamps clean.  After use, stamp onto a scrap of paper to remove any remaining ink. You can then gently wipe your stamp with a baby wipe, cloth, or damp paper towel.  Do not apply too much moisture and ensure that your stamp is dry before storing.

Most of all enjoy and experiment!

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