About Us

The Uniquely Creative journey so far......

In 2015, Uniquely Creative embarked on an remarkable journey in Australia, led by Tracey. What started as a local scrapbooking store quickly flourished into something extraordinary when Tracey curated meticulously crafted 'kits' of perfectly matched papers and products for her mother, residing in a rural area. The overwhelming response from Tracey's customers became the catalyst for the birth of the Creative Kit Club and, subsequently, Uniquely Creative.

Recognizing a significant market gap, particularly for crafters and scrapbookers in remote or rural areas without access to local stores, Uniquely Creative set out to provide a solution. Our Kits emerged as convenient and comprehensive craft classes, delivered right to doorsteps every month. Featuring coordinated products and detailed instructions, our Kits have rightfully earned the well-deserved title of Australia's favorite scrapbooking kits.

At Uniquely Creative, we take pride in designing and manufacturing our own range of craft supplies, including scrapbooking kits Australia and card making kits. We are dedicated to supporting local talent and industry, with many of our products proudly made right here in Australia.

Our community holds a special place in our hearts. We greatly value your feedback, as it empowers us to continually enhance our offerings. We warmly invite you to connect with us through our contact page, as your insights play a vital role in shaping our business.

Our journey is defined by the delight in our customers' eyes, the joy of discovering meticulously curated kits, and the narratives that unfold as creations come to life. Together, we traverse a path where imagination knows no bounds—an enduring quest where Uniquely Creative continues to ignite inspiration and nurture the artist within, while proudly designing and manufacturing a wide range of craft supplies, including scrapbooking kits Australia and card making kits, many of which are made right here in Australia.



 Layouts of owner Tracey Schulz's family using Uniquely Creative Kits