5 Travel Photography Tips

March 07, 2023

5 Travel Photography Tips

If the Grand Adventure collection has awakened your desire to get out there and travel then read on for our top 5 travel photography tips that will help you to come home with even more photos to scrapbook!

Embrace Golden Hour
Golden hour, or magic hour as it is sometimes known, refers to the period of time shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset.  At these times the daylight is warmer and softer, perfect for capturing beautiful photos.

Be Patient
Patience gives you time to assess the subject of your photo.  Perhaps it means that you will wait for that perfect wave to capture or for a person to walk into shot, alternatively for a person to leave your shot! Maybe you are waiting for the sun to shine through the clouds or for the rain to start to fall.  Patience definitely is key!

Change Up The Angles
Think about taking your shot from an angle that differs from the norm.  Maybe you need to get down low or maybe you need to seek elevation. Take a photo over your shoulder or from a child's point of view.  Change up the angles and see what results.

Rule Of Thirds
Always a dependable photography rule!  The rule of thirds  helps you to create well balanced photos.  The rule of thirds assumes there is a grid over your subject, two vertical lines and two horizontal lines creating 9 even boxes.  To create a balanced photo, position your focal point or subject anywhere that the grid lines intersect, this keeps the subject out of the middle of the photo.

Research Your Destination
By researching your destination before you leave home you will be able to have an idea of what you want to photography, whether it be iconic locations, landmarks, people or more secluded places.  You will also be able to establish opening and closing times for places, know how long it takes to travel to them and work out the best times to go there.

Hopefully these 5 travel photography tips will help you to take amazing photos on your next trip!

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