How To Start Scrapbook Journaling & Document Memories

October 07, 2023

How To Start Scrapbook Journaling & Document Memories


Welcome to the world of scrapbook journaling, where memories come to life on the pages of your scrapbook. Journaling is an important part of your scrapbooking layout.

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What is Scrapbook Journaling?

Scrapbook journaling is the art of storytelling within your scrapbook layouts. It's the written narrative that accompanies your photos and embellishments, adding depth, context, and emotional connection to your memories. This journaling can be as simple as dates and names or as elaborate as personal anecdotes, quotes, and reflections. 

Essentially, it's your unique voice and own handwriting guiding the viewer through your scrapbook, sharing the "who," "what," "where," "when," and most importantly, the "why" behind each cherished moment.

How to Start Scrapbook Journaling: 5 Easy Tips

Ready to dive into the world of scrapbook journaling? We have five straightforward yet powerful tips to help you get started and master the art of storytelling in your scrapbook. They’re perfect for beginners.

  1. Give Context: Start with the basics of who, what, where, when and why. This way, you will have the important information covered. It might help to refer to your social media to remember these details.
  2. Share Your Message: Sometimes it’s hard to think of the right words to use, but often you can find a quote, or a saying or even a poem that expresses what you want to say.
  3. Try Bullet Points: If you feel nervous about writing long paragraphs then use bullet points, they are easy to read and highlight the important facts. Bullet journaling is a popular technique.
  4. Keep Practicing: Practice makes perfect. The more you journal in your scrapbook album, the easier it will become. If it helps, start doodling first to get the creative juices flowing.
  5. Write a Draft: Journal onto a piece of card or paper, then attach that as another layer.  That way, if you make a mistake you can always re-write it or if later.

Scrapbooks Vs. Journals: What is the Difference?

Scrapbooks and journals, both treasured for preserving memories, have distinct purposes. A scrapbook is a DIY visual chronicle, emphasizing images and design in the form of mixed media. Typically, scrapbook pages involve stickers, die cuts, cardstock, vellum, water colour, pattern paper, ribbons, washi tape and other fun embellishments or scrapbook supplies. On the other hand,  journal pages are primarily text-based, serving as a written record of thoughts and experiences.

Scrapbook Journaling Ideas

Here are a few templates created by our design team. We came up with some creative ways to add the journaling to your scrapbook paper layout. You can also incorporate these ideas for card making projects.

Scrapbook journaling not only preserves memories, but also transforms your creations into personal, heartfelt stories waiting to be shared and cherished for generations to come.

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