Colour Inspiration From Natures Landscapes

August 02, 2022

Colour Inspiration From Natures Landscapes

Sometimes when crafting it can be hard to find inspiration for which colours to use and what works well together.

If you're having trouble, why not look to Mother Nature for some inspiration. 

Step outside and you will see natures colour palettes all around you.

There are the colours of the seasons. 

Spring colours include greens, yellow and peach.
Summer colours are the golden sands and the blue skies.
Think Autumn and you instantly think of shades of orange, red and yellow.
Winter colours include browns, burgundy and grey.

And there are also the colours of the many and varied landscapes. The earthy reds and browns of the desert. The calming greens of rainforests and hills. The many blues of the sky and the sea.

The combinations of colours that nature provides us with are endless, so next time you are unsure what colours to use, go for a walk or go for a drive and see what nature has to inspire you with.

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