Creating a Monochromatic Scrapbooking Layout

November 23, 2021

Creating a Monochromatic Scrapbooking Layout

When we hear the term monochromatic, most people tend to think of black and white images.  Monochromatic, is by definition, when you use only one colour. What it refers to is using a single hue in the colour palette but adding to it with varying shades and tints, some lighter and some darker.

It is a great technique for creating a scrapbooking layout with great visual impact and it is not as hard as you may think!

To get started, select the photo(s) that you will be using on the layout.  Then decide on the one colour that will be your focus.  This might be a colour that you derive from the photo itself or it may be a contrasting colour to those in the photos. There's no right or wrong!

Monochromatic layouts are a great way to use up lots of your stash of papers, cardstocks and embellishments. So grab your supplies and pull out all the ones that are the colour you have chosen, including dark and light versions of the colour too.

Now that you have your chosen colour and a pile of coloured paper, cardstock and embellishments it is time to roughly plan your layout.  Get an idea of where the photo(s) will be placed, will they be mounted, where will larger embellishments go etc..  

Let the fun begin! Mix and match the shades of the colour that you have chosen, and mix up your patterns too.  

Define the focal point of your layout which will usually be your photo.  Decide whether or not to mat the photo with cardstock or paper and then stick it down. Start adding your other elements and sticking them down.  Don't forget to add in some texture by way of lace or felt or corrugated card etc if it fits with your layout.  Layering comes in handy here and gives your layout some depth and dimension too.

It is okay to add in one or two neutrals but essentially the majority of your layout should be shades of your chosen colour and this is what will give it a great visual impact.

Once you have completed your layout, step back look at how amazing it has turned out!  The monochromatic look is perfect for beach photos where blues are your colour or for a baby girl photo with pinks as your colour or even for an outdoor adventure with all shades of green as your colour.

This is a great technique for using up your scraps, it is a lot of fun and it is perfect for quick and easy layouts.  Make sure you give it a try!



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