How To Categorise Your Scrapbooking Papers

April 27, 2022

How To Categorise Your Scrapbooking Papers

Anybody else got so many scrapbooking papers they don't know how to sort them all?

Today I am giving you tips on one way that you can categorise your papers so that you can spend less time looking for the papers that you need and more time creating layouts!!

This system involves going through all of your papers and sorting them into 3 main categories:

* Coloured papers

* Themed papers

* Patterned papers

Once you have sorted your papers into these main categories you can then sort each category into sub-categories, for example

* Coloured papers
      * Red
      * Yellow
      * Blue

* Themed papers
      * Easter
      * Christmas
      * Birthday
      * Baby
      * Pets

* Patterned Papers
      * Geometric 
      * Leaves
      * Spots
      * Stripes
      * Florals

The above are just examples, you can add more sub-categories as required dependent upon the papers that you have.  You might find that once you have sorted your papers that a particular category has too many papers.  If this is the case you can create further sub-categories as required.

Everyone's collection of papers is different, and there is no right or wrong way to categorise your papers.  Perhaps you will want to tweak this method to make it work better for you or perhaps you have your own method that works well.  

Ultimately you want to be able to find your papers quickly and craft longer, hopefully this system will help you achieve this!

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