Keep The Tradition Of Sending Christmas Cards Alive

December 14, 2022

Keep The Tradition Of Sending Christmas Cards Alive

With so much communication being via text messages and emails these days, it is nice to receive something in the letter box that has been created with love and care.  That is why we think we should work towards keeping the tradition of sending Christmas cards alive!

It is believed that sending Christmas cards originated in England nearly 180 years ago. One of the main reasons for the popularity of sending Christmas was that they were quicker and easier than writing personal notes to everyone that you wanted to send well wishes to at Christmas, plus they looked attractive.

In recent years it is a tradition that has fallen by the wayside as a quick text message is seen to suffice.  But you cannot deny the joy that receiving a Christmas card in the mail brings. And a handmade Christmas card heightens that joy!

So in a world of quick messaging why not take the time to reconnect with family and friends by sending them a Christmas card this year. A card made with love means so much more and shows how much you care.

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