Layouts With Multiple Photos

September 27, 2022

Layouts With Multiple Photos

We often get asked to share scrapbooking layouts which feature multiple photos so today I am sharing a variety of layouts that do just that.

You will see some layouts where your standard 6x4 photos have been used and others where smaller photos have been printed and used.  You can also mix up the size of your photos and for example use one larger and other smaller photos on a layout.

You can use multiple photos in a series to show a sequence such as the handstand layout below by Rachael Funnell. Or you can use multiple photos in a blocking pattern, a bit like a puzzle where you make all of the photos and embellishments fit like in the Christmas layout below by Kylie Kingham. Of course you can place your photos randomly as well.

I hope you find some inspiration below for using more than one photo on some of your layouts.

Layout by Rachael Funnell

Layout by Julie Schinkel 


Layout by Kylie Kingham


Layout by Kylie Kingham















Layout by Lydell Quin

Layout by Kylie Kingham


Layout by Julie Schinkel 


 Layout by  Kylie Kingham

 Layout by Rachel Dutko

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