Sparkle Brushes

August 25, 2020

Sparkle Brushes

We love to make things sparkly here at Uniquely Creative and wanted to share with you how easy it is to add a little sparkle to your projects with our Sparkle Brushes. 

They come in 4 colours and work really well with our UNIQOLOUR Markers (I keep a Clear Sparkle Brush in the back of my marker packet with my acrylic block) 

  • Clear
  • Gold 
  • Black 
  • Silver

You can even mix your own shimmery watercolours using our markers on your acrylic block and squeezing a drop of the clear or gold on top, then mixing. It's a beautiful effect and super easy to do (see video demonstration below).

Our Watercolour Cut-a-part Sheets are perfect to add a little shimmer to, it's hard to photograph well but you can see the shimmer effect the Clear Sparkle Brush has left on the white leaves 

Our Lasercuts are made from highly absorbent white chipboard which is perfect for wet mediums like our UNIQOLOUR Markers and Sparkle Brushes. 
First colour the clipboard with your coloured markers, then go over the top with clear of gold to make it shimmer. 
(BTW .... this laser cut is a new one coming in September ready for Christmas)


Tracey gives you a quick demo on mixing UNIQOLOUR Markers & Sparkle brushes to give you an awesome shimmery watercolour effect.

Let us know if you have any questions... [email protected] 



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