The Colour Blue

May 10, 2022

The Colour Blue

With the release of our Moody Blues collection this month there is no better time than now to launch into a little blog series focusing on colours.

So first up we will start with BLUE!

Blue is one of the three primary colours (red, yellow and blue) and most blues actually contain a mixture of other colours such as ultramarine which contains some violet and azure which contains some green.

Since ancient times blue has been an important colour in art. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians used the lapis lazuli stone, grinding it into a powder to create a pigment which was then used in ancient artworks.

Lapis lazuli was a semi-precious stone and could be the link to why dark blue is associated with power and authority.

When people think of blue they often think of the sky and water and as such it is often considered a calm, soothing colour.

Blue is also associated with security and confidence and that is the reason that many businesses use blue in their logos, website and marketing materials, just think Facebook and Twitter!

Whilst blue is commonly associated with imagination, faithfulness and calm, blue can also evoke feelings of sadness, feeling blue and cold.

Most often associated with masculinity, blue also has a strong appeal amongst women.  It has been said to be globally the colour that people like the most!

Probably one of the best facts about the colour blue is that it is often linked to creativity, yes crafters!! It is believed that the colour blue can lower one's blood pressure which then slows the heart rate and allows the body to relax.  In this state there is less stress so a greater ability for the creative juices to flow!!  

So grab your Moody Blues collections, feel the stress ease away and let the creativity begin!

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