Fun Facts About The History of Christmas Cards

December 13, 2023

Fun Facts About The History of Christmas Cards


Have you ever wondered about the history Christmas cards? Well, imagine this: It's the 1800s in England. A guy named Sir Henry Cole, who loved the festive season, but wasn’t keen on writing loads of Christmas letters, comes up with a smart idea. He gets an artist pal, John Callcott Horsley, to design the very first Christmas card. That was the beginning of a beautiful tradition in which the season’s greetings were welcomed with a holiday card and festivity!


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The Fancy Origins of Christmas Cards

Christmas cards that weren’t just about ‘Merry Christmas’ and jolly Santas. Nope, these cards were super fancy, like mini pieces of art. Some even had card designs with feathers or lace on them! People really loved them and they'd hand-deliver these cards, adding warmth to the chilly holidays in Europe and beyond. And in time, these Christmas greeting cards became a staple at the post office during the holiday season.

Who Actually Invented Christmas Cards?

Now, you might be wondering who exactly came up with this bright idea. Well, it’s a bit of a mix. People used to exchange nice notes during Christmas ages ago, but Sir Henry Cole, a British civil servant and inventor, made it a big thing by printing and selling them in the 19th century. He's kinda the brains behind the first commercial Christmas card. 

The Christmas Card Tale: Then and Now

Jumping ahead in time, Christmas cards have seen a lot! From Victorian Christmas traditions to World War messages, they've changed a bunch. Nowadays, it's not just about pretty paper cards, we've got digital ones too that have put your local printers out of business! They've gone from hand-delivered penny post gems to spreading cheer across the globe through emails and social media.

Even with all this tech around us, Christmas cards still hold that special charm. Whether it's a cute note to a neighbour or a virtual hug sent to New York, London or kilometres away, these little cards are all about sharing joy. They remind us of love, friendship, and the festive spirit - just like Christmas trees and carols.

The End of the Story

So, that's the story of how these lovely Christmas cards started. From a simple idea to a big tradition that warms our hearts every year. Let's keep spreading joy, one card at a time!

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