To Travel Is To Live Tutorial - Lisa Amiet

March 05, 2023

To Travel Is To Live Tutorial - Lisa Amiet

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Uniquely Creative Products Used:

  • UCP2518 Travelocity
  • UCP2519 Nomad
  • UCP2520 Roaming
  • UCP2522 Trailblazer
  • UCP2524 Tourist
  • UCP2527 Creative Cuts
  • UCE1728 Iridescent Pearls
  • UCE1962 Travel Charms
  • UCL1762 Laser cut

Other Products Used:  

  • Trimmer, scissors
  • Adhesive tape, glue



1. Use Roaming paper as the base paper for your page. Cut a 6 x 12” vertical piece from Trailblazer paper. Cut two 1 x 12” pieces from Tourist paper. Adhere the 1” strips of Tourist paper, vertically on your page, leaving a 4 ¾” gap between the two pieces. Tuck in two of the florals from the Creative Cuts under and over your strips.

2.  Adhere Trailblazer piece to the centre of your page, overlapping previous strips. Fussy cut doily cluster from Nomad paper journal card. Adhere to top left corner, overlapping the floral from the Creative Cuts. Adhere compass travel charm, tucking under the edge of the doily.

3. Fussy cut floral from Travelocity paper, adhere your photo to the centre of the page, tucking this fussy cut floral under your photo.

4. In bottom right corner, adhere tag and sentiment to page, overlapping the tag and previous floral cluster. Adhere kombi van from Creative Cuts, overlapping previous pieces.

5. Adhere title from the Grand Adventure laser cut, overlapping bottom corner of your photo and previously built cluster.

6. Fussy cut Getaway plate from Voyage paper, and adhere to top left corner cluster, overlapping previous pieces. Adhere floral from the Creative Cuts, overlapping your photo and doily cluster. To finish, adhere Iridescent Pearls to page, near each corner cluster.


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