Advent Kit Registration

If you are new to the Uniquely Creative world, we do an 'Advent Christmas Count Down Kit' every year. Last year's was epic and this year's is going to be MASSIVE!  The cost of the kit is $99.00

So where do I start? I think with all the dates :) 

Advent Kit release date - Monday 19 October 10:30am SA time  - put this in your calendar

Everyone who registered an interest for this year's Advent Kit over on our website will get an email with the link to 'shop the kit' at 10:30am 

All our Kit Subscribers will get the link sent to them at 10:00am (they get a 30 minute head start for being our most loyal customers and to say thanks for subscribing) 

The link will then be sent out via our usual email (ie. like this one) at 11:00am

The registration link will be closed on Wednesday 30th of September

Kits will ship from Monday 9 November  

About the kit

  • The kit will contain 25 numbered, sealed envelopes which you start opening on Tuesday 1 December. You open one each day until Friday 25th December, Christmas Day. 
  • We ask anyone who can't wait and opens their gifts early, to not share the contents on social media until after the coordinating day of the envelope  
  • If you don't like surprises, this is probably not the kit for you :) - we will have a special link on the website so you can see a general list of products, ie, die, paper pack, but no details and no pictures, it's a surprise
  • This year's kit covers both male & female themes (due to the feedback from last year)  but can work cohesively together. 
  • The Advent Kit contains only Uniquely Creative Products and they are all brand new, never been released before items. 
  • RRP on the kit items is $220 if you were to purchase the items individually 
  • We do have a limited number of kits  
  • After Pay will be available

I am super excited about this kit and can not wait for the 1st Dec so you can see what we have been up to :) 

Any questions, just send a reply email or give us a call!



Uniquely Creative 2020 Advent Kit