Quick guide to Astrophotography with your smart phone

February 09, 2023

Quick guide to Astrophotography with your smart phone

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Quick guild to Astrophotography with your smart phone  

Astrophotography, or the art of capturing the night sky with a camera, can be a beautiful and awe-inspiring experience. With the advancement of smartphone camera technology, it's now easier than ever to capture stunning astrophotography images using just your smartphone. In this blog post, we'll share some tips on how to capture astrophotography on your smartphone.

  1. Find a Dark Location

The first step to capturing astrophotography on your smartphone is finding a location with low light pollution. This could be a remote area away from city lights, or even your own backyard on a clear night. The less light pollution in the area, the better the chances of capturing clear and vivid astrophotography images.

  1. Use a Tripod

A stable and steady camera is essential for capturing clear astrophotography images. A tripod is the best tool for keeping your smartphone steady while taking long exposure shots of the night sky. This will prevent any blur or shaky images that may occur when you hold your phone in your hand.

  1. Turn Off Flash and Enable Night Mode

To capture clear and vivid astrophotography images, it's best to turn off the flash on your smartphone. Instead, enable the Night Mode feature, which is designed specifically for low-light situations. This will help your smartphone camera capture more light and detail in the night sky.

  1. Adjust Focus and Exposure

Most smartphone cameras have an automatic focus and exposure feature, but for astrophotography, it's best to manually adjust these settings. To focus on a star or planet, simply tap on the object in your smartphone camera viewfinder. To adjust the exposure, you can swipe up or down on the screen to increase or decrease the brightness.

  1. Use Apps for Help

There are many smartphone apps available that can help with astrophotography. One example is the Star Chart app, which helps you locate celestial objects in the night sky. Other apps, such as NightCap and ProCamera, offer advanced manual camera controls for capturing astrophotography images.

In conclusion, with these tips, you can capture beautiful astrophotography images using just your smartphone. Remember to find a dark location, use a tripod for stability, turn off flash and enable Night Mode, adjust focus and exposure manually, and use apps for help. With some practice and patience, you can create stunning astrophotography images that capture the beauty of the night sky.


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