Best of the Crafting Community

May 18, 2021

Best of the Crafting Community

Today I wanted to share with you a bunch of fabulous projects our followers have been sharing over on the Uniquely Creative Crafting Community on Facebook.  

If you are on Facebook, anyone is welcome to join our group 

(4) Uniquely Creative Crafting Community | Facebook


 Choose your Own Adventure Card - Jo Herbert  


Gums & Roses Scrapbooking Layout- Kim Arnold 


 Country Roads Scrapbooking Layout- Karen Jarman 


Country Roads Scrapbooking Layout- Julie Schinkel


Outback Divine Card- Joanne Russo


Choose Your Own Adventure Card- Joanne Simons


Outback Divine cards - Kristina Dishon 


Outback Divine Scrapbooking Layout - Rikki Graziani


Roots & Wings Scrapbooking Layout - Joanne Simons


Roots & Wings Scrapbooking Layout - Julie Schinkel 


Country Roads Scrapbooking Layout - Kylie Coleman


Ocean Breeze Card - Lucy Baker Patrick


Outback Divine Cards - Erin King


Roots & Wings Scrapbooking Layout - Julie Schinkel


Outback Divine cards - Liz Simon


Dreamer Layouts  - Lisa Davis 


Roots & Wings Scrapbooking Layout Process Video - Kim Arnold 

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