Easy Tips For Scrapbooking & Crafting With Foil

December 12, 2023

Easy Tips For Scrapbooking & Crafting With Foil


Adding foil elements to your scrapbooking and cardmaking will take your projects to a whole new level! From rose gold to classic gold, foil crafting is bound to make your projects pop!

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Craft foiling doesn’t use the same the aluminum foil you might use in the kitchen. So what is foiling? Foiling is the process of adding a thin, metallic product from a foil roll onto an area of your crafting design.

The foil creates a stunning effect, adding a touch of elegance, luxury and shine to any project. You can also get creative with foil for themed paper crafts like adding some dimension to your Halloween or Christmas decorations. Foil embossing is also a beautiful way to elevate fabric, ribbon, watercolour or wood crafts among other mediums.

In this guide, we will explore some of the different types of craft foil available forfoil papercraft ideas plus some techniques to add them to your projects.

How to Craft With Foil Paper

Whether you want to trycraft foiling for scrapbooking or for enhancing your homemade cards and invitations, to start crafting with foil you first need to know the different types of foil and how they work. 

There are three main types of craft foil every crafter should know to bring theiraluminium foil craft ideas to life:

Heat Foil

This foil, also known as hot foil, requires a heat source such as a foiling machine to transfer it to your DIY project. This method of foil stamping works well if you are adding foil to an acetate base.

Reactive Transfer Foil

This foil requires the use of a reactive agent such as transfer gel or ink toner combined with heat to transfer the foil to your project. Foil transfer sheets are often used in this method.

Adhesive Foil

This type of foil uses a liquid adhesive or similar, to stick the foil to the tacky surface of your design, kind of like how you would use stickers or other embellishments. Foil transfer sheets can also be used in this method.

How to Craft with a Foiling Machine

There are variouscraft foiling machines on the market to achieve an embossing look in your creations and the one you choose needs to be compatible with the type of foil that you intend to use.

One popularfoil craft machine is the MINC by Heidi Swapp.  This brand comes in a 12” scrapbooking page size and a convenient portable 6” size.

The MINC requires the use of a reactive transfer agent and heat to transfer the foil to your project. Toner is one of the reactive transfer agents that you can use with the MINC machine. You can buy premade sheets with toner designs or stencils on them or if you have a laser printer you can print your own designs in black ink. You could also use ink pads and stamping to create your own design.

Another popular foiling machine in Australia is the Glimmer hot foil machine by Spellbinders which complements their cutting machines.

Follow these 3 easy steps to craft with foil using toner designs.

Step 1:
Select a premade toner design or print your own stencil design with a laser printer then cut your chosen colour foil from the foil roll to be just slightly larger than your toner design.

Step 2:
Place the foil onto your design, and ensure that the shiny coloured side is facing up. Now place this into the carrier sheet that comes with your machine.

Step 3:
Set your machine to the required temperature for your foil and when the machine reaches temperature simply feed the carrier sheet into the opening.  The machine will then carry it through and pass it out the other side. Carefully remove the carrier sheet, be aware that this can be a bit hot. Give it a few seconds to cool down then open up the carrier sheet, remove the foil sheet and you will be left with your amazing design which now has foil where all of the toner previously was.

A second example of a reactive transfer agent is a reactive mist.

To use this product you apply the reactive mist to the area or design that you want the foil to adhere to.  Once you have applied the mist you then wait for it to be touch dry before placing your chosen reactive foil on top, again with the shiny coloured side facing up.

Sandwich your cardstock and foil in the carrier sheet, set the temperature on your foiling machine and feed the carrier sheet through.  Once it comes out the other side allow a few seconds to cool then open up, remove the foil to reveal your foiled design.


If you love the look of shiny foil but don’t want to invest in foil sheets, reactive agents and a foiling machine you can achieve a lovely shiny look to your scrapbooking and cardmaking projects by using a foil cardstock such as those stocked at Uniquely Creative.  Check out our range ofgorgeous foil cards.



Crafting with foil paper or foil gives your projects an undeniable wow factor.  The metallic sheen of the foil elevates ordinary crafts to the extraordinary. Enabling you to easily add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your craft projects foil will soon become your go-to material when you want to create to impress! If it’s not already, foil craft supplies should be on your wishlist!

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