Get In The Photo

May 04, 2022

Get In The Photo

With Mother's Day fast approaching it is the perfect time to tell mums to get into those photos with your children and your family.

All too often mums avoid being in the photos, whether it's because they are too busy, or they are focused on making sure they get photos of everyone else.  Sometimes mums avoid being in the photos because of the way they look or how they feel.

But think of it from your childrens point of view. They will want to see you in the photos, they will want to be able to remember when you went here or did this with them.

You children will look back photos fondly, they won't notice any extra kilos, hair in need of a cut or the dark circles under your eyes.

It can be hard to go from being the one behind the camera to the one in the photos so here are a few tips to help you get started.

Maybe start with a selfie with your kids, don't overthink it just keep it fun!

Ask your partner or family and friends to some candid snaps of you and your children doing the day to day.  These photos will be a great record of life!

You could even ask your children to take photos of you, they will love to be involved.

So start this Mother's Day, get in the photo, then scrapbook the occasion so that you can ensure that your kids have these memories to treasure forever.

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