Summer Lovin' Tutorial - Kylie Kingham

January 01, 2022

Summer Lovin' Tutorial - Kylie Kingham

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Uniquely Creative Products Used:

UCP2304 Garden Party, UCP2305 Day At The Beach, UCP2307 Citrus Blooms, UCP2311 Creative Cuts, UCL1727 Laser Cut, UCE1848 Lace Flowers.  


Other Products Used:

Adhesives, Scissors, Trimmer Board.



1. Remove branding strip from the ‘DAY AT THE BEACH’ paper. Tear a 5”x12” piece of paper from GAREN PARTY . Next tear two 1”x 12” strips from the reverse side of GARDEN PARTY paper. Adhere the wider strip of paper to the left side of the ‘DAY AT THE BEACH’ paper. Adhere one of the 1” strips under each side. Distress the edges a little with your fingers once in place.

2. Cut three pieces of ‘CITRUS BLOOMS’ paper to measure 3”x 4” and distress the edges a little. Trim or print 3 photos to measure 2.75”x 3.75” and adhere them on a tilted angle over the 3 photo mats you just cut. Add them in place on the layout in a staggered vertical line, overlapping each other a little.

3. Create an embellishment cluster on the lower right-side corner of the page, to feature a laser cut title and creative cuts. Use foam adhesive squares for some creative cuts to add dimension and tuck in a few lace flowers as well.

3. To complete the page, adhere creative cuts and lace flowers in under the photos until you are happy with the overall balance.


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