Tips For Organising Your Photos

November 17, 2021

Tips For Organising Your Photos

Do you have some free time that you could spend scrapbooking, but your photos are so disorganised that by the time you find the one you're looking for you no longer have to time to craft?

Sounds familiar!

Well today I am bringing you some tips for organising your photos so that next time you have a moment to craft you can grab the photos that you need and get to it!

There are multiple ways to sort and organise your photos and there is no right or wrong.  It comes down to personal preference but here are three methods that might help you to get started.

By Date - this system works well if you have a huge backlog of phtos piled high to sort.  Start by sorting them into years, then you can further sort them into the months of the year.  

By Theme - this system of sorting is where you sort your photos according to themes such as holiday, sport, Christmas etc...  This system works well if you plan to have whole albums dedicated to particular themes.

By Person - this system works well if you intend to create an album for a specific person such as an album for each of your children.  Sort your photos according to who is in the photo.  This system makes it easy to find photos of a particular childs' event for example as they will be in that child's photo pile!

Whilst sorting you can also cull any photos that won't make it to the scrapbook, for example those that are blurry or where the subject is not clear.

Have a think about the system that will work best for you and start sorting!  Once your photos are organised, you will be able to get the most of your creative time and create more layouts and preserve more memories.

Happy sorting!!


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