5 Tips For Sorting Your Craft Room

July 27, 2022 1 Comment

5 Tips For Sorting Your Craft Room

Life is too short for constantly cleaning up that craft room, am I right!!  So today I am sharing a few tips on how to sort your craft items so that it is easier to maintain a neat, tidy space allowing more time for crafting!! 

Here goes:

1. Make sure you have enough cupboards and shelves to store your supplies. It is hard to get sorted if there is not a place for everything to go.

2. Keep like items together - store all of your papers together, all of your scissors together, all of your glues together etc.

3. If you store items in tubs or containers, label them so you don't have to open them all up to find what you are looking for.  Where possible use see through containers so that you can easily see what is inside!

4. Have storage that is easy to access, especially for those items that you use regularly in your crafting.  Keep them close at hand.

5. Spend the last 15-20 minutes of your day restoring your craft .  Set a timer if you need to and power clean to restore order to your room.  You will be much more creative when you walk in to a tidy and organised craft room.

I hope these tips help you to get started with organising your crafting space and having more time for creating.

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July 28, 2022

Five great tips! They have helped me keep my craft room, clean, organized and set up for my use day or night.

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