Tranquility Cards - Lucy Patrick

June 09, 2021 2 Comments

Tranquility Cards - Lucy Patrick

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Uniquely Creative Products Used:

Watercolour Cardstock, UCP2216 Wonderful Paper, UCP2212 Fabulous Paper, UCP2211 Graceful Paper, UCE1850 Glass Domes.

Uniquely Creative Products Used: UCP2212 Fabulous Paper, UCP2215 Glorious Paper, UCP2217 Tranquility Creative Cuts, Small Striped Washi Tape


Uniquely Creative Products Used: UCP2215 Glorious Paper, UCP2213 Blossom Paper, UCE1846 Lace Doilies, UCP2217 Tranquility Creative Cuts


UCP2210 Tranquility Paper, UCP2216 Wonderful Paper, UCP2217 Tranquility Creative Cuts, UCP2218 Tranquility Vellum Creative Cuts, UCE1850 Glass Domes, UCE1846 Lace Doilies, Small Striped Washi Tape.

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Helen Howard
Helen Howard

June 13, 2021

beautiful cannot wait to make these


June 12, 2021

Beautiful cards

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