Where To Find Inspiration For Your Scrapbooking and Card Making

December 29, 2021

Where To Find Inspiration For Your Scrapbooking and Card Making

Whether you are talking about art, decorating, creating or crafting, you can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere!

For you scrapbooking and cardmaking you don't only have to search for inspiration amongst crafting magazines and the like.

You can draw inspiration from a number of places, some that you may never even think of so we have compiled a list of things that you can use for inspiration to help you along:

  • nature - take a look out the window or go for a walk along the beach or to the park and take in the colours and the sounds and the feelings
  • the cover of a book - next time you pick up a book look more deeply at the cover because here you might find ideas for your next layout or card
  • fabric stores - these are full of colour and patterns and are a great place to draw inspiration from
  • a painting - the colours, the brushstrokes and the textures can get you thinking
  • a favourite piece of clothing - perhaps it is the pattern or the colours or the fabric that will inspire you
  • Brands that you love - take a look at their colours, their logo, their advertisements and take ideas from these

If you are still seeking inspiration you can head over to Pinterest and you are sure to find something that will inspire you, but be warned, Pinterest is addictive!!

Take a look around you, as we said, inspiration is everywhere!



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