11 Scrapbooking Ideas for Couples: Capture Your Memories

April 25, 2023

11 Scrapbooking Ideas for Couples: Capture Your Memories


A great way to remember and cherish all your favourite memories as a couple is to scrapbook them! From your first date to raising a family and everything in between, you can preserve the memories with a scrapbook album that visually tells your love story.

How To Make A Couple’s Scrapbook

Creating a DIY scrapbook will give you a photo album to reminisce over and enjoy for years to come.
To get started, you will need some scrapbooking supplies such as:

Once you have your supplies, you are ready to get scrapbooking whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned in the art of paper crafts.

Scrapbook Page Ideas For Couples

Here are 11 scrapbooking layout ideas to get you started on your love scrapbook.


1. First date 

Create a layout of your first date to commemorate where it all began.
You can add journaling to tell the story, be sure to include these details:

  • How you met
  • The date of your first date
  • Where you went or what you did

Include a photo of yourselves. And if you don’t have one you can still create a layout by using a photo of the venue, a copy of the menu etc.


2. Road trips/travel

If you’ve been on a road trip or taken a holiday together, then scrapbook it! Some great things to include in this type of layout are:

  • Photos of yourselves at different stages of the trip
  • A map of where you went
  • Memorabilia such as plane boarding passes or brochures from the area you visited
    • Journal entries to tell the story, be sure to include these details:
    • Where you went
    • The date of your trip
    • How you travelled
    • What things you did along the way


3. Valentine’s Day

A day to celebrate your love! Dedicate a layout to Valentine’s Day by including:

  • A photo of yourselves
  • Printable photos of your text messages, special meal or of any activity you partook in
  • A personal love letter or a poem
  • Pressed flowers
  • Themed cutouts and templates

4. Weddings

Capture your special day in a scrapbooking layout or dedicate a whole album to your wedding day.

If you’re creating an entire wedding scrapbook, you can also include the planning process. From the proposal to wedding dress shopping, it’s all worth documenting.

Some things that you could include in this very special album are:

  • Professional photos that you receive back from your photographer
  • A copy of your guest invitations
  • A swatch of lace or fabric from your wedding dress
  • Pressed flowers from their buttonhole and the bouquet
  • Journal entries about how you chose your wedding invitations and how you chose your colours and theme
  • Heartfelt hand-written messages and comments from your guests.


5. First Home

House hunting and getting the keys to your first home is a special moment worth recording.

Things you may want to include in this layout are:

  • Photos with the sold sign
  • Photos of the real estate agent handing over the keys
  • Photos of each room at the time of moving in so that you can look back later and remember what it looked like before you decorated or renovated
  • A floorplan of the house, great to see the changes you might make along the way
  • Pics of your first meal in your new house


6. What I Love About You

A great idea for a couple’s scrapbooking layout would be for you and your partner to write 10 (or more) things you love about each other, and you could scrapbook the answers. This is a fun way to show your love and your layout could include the following:

  • A photo of each of the things that you say you love about your partner. You could print them as small polaroids to enable you to fit multiple photos on the layout or you could even get them printed in a collage format for a fun idea.
  • If you don’t have a photo of all the things that you love about your partner, express them all as journaling points with your reasons why.

7. Wedding Anniversaries


Anniversaries are a special milestone. They give us a chance to celebrate love and special memories. Whether you enjoy a quiet dinner at home or a weekend away, document it in a scrapbooking layout.

Things you could include in your layout are:

  • Photos of yourselves
  • Photos of where you went or what you did to celebrate your anniversary
  • Journal entries that could include the achievements of the year and your hopes for the next year to come

8. Timeline

A cute idea would be to create a double scrapbook layout that shows the timeline of your relationship with cute photos from the beginning up until now.

This could be as simple as drawing a line along the bottom third of the pages and adding in significant dates and photos to mark the special milestones which could include:

  • First date
  • First holiday
  • Proposal
  • Wedding
  • First home
  • Birth of children
  • Special age birthdays

9. Family

A defining moment in any relationship is becoming parents so a scrapbooking layout to capture the birth of your precious children is definitely one to cherish.

Things you could include:

  • Photos of you both with your newborn
  • Baby hospital card and bracelet
  • Baby’s details at birth such as date and time of birth, weight and height
  • A letter that you have penned to your baby
  • Journal entries that might express your first thoughts on becoming parents or well wishes from family and friends

Learn how to create scrapbook layouts of your children with Rachel Funnell’s tutorial.


10. Tally

 Another sweet idea would be to create a layout of how long you have been together but in a unique way such as counting the minutes, hours, days to create a unique layout. This would work really well for a special anniversary, instead of just scrapbooking the 5 year anniversary together, you could get creative and scrapbook, “1824 days, 36 hours and 27 minutes of loving you.”

This layout should include:

  • A sweet photo of yourselves
  • Number stickers or embellishments to create the tally
  • Journal entries to express your thoughts on the milestone that you have reached

11. Keepsakes/Mementos

Over the course of your relationship you will acquire many keepsakes and mementos. It’s a great idea to combine all of these into a layout or mini album.

This would make a great visual representation of your time together and could include the following:

  • Maps of places you’ve travelled to together
  • Menus from your favourite places to eat
  • Movie tickets
  • Boarding passes
  • Special coins
  • Pressed flowers
  • Ticket stubs
  • Love letters
  • Cards you’ve given each other

So, there you have our scrapbooking layout ideas to get you started in creating a couple’s scrapbooking album. The album that you create can have special keepsakes to look back on and see how your relationship has grown over time.

You could work on the album together or it could make a great birthday gift idea for your partner. There are plenty of romantic scrapbook ideas. It is sure to be something that will be valued and loved. And no doubt it will be something to look through and laugh about with your children. They can see how your love grew and maybe even how fashion and hairstyles have changed!

Related questions

How do you make a dating scrapbook?

To make a dating scrapbook, you simply collect photos of yourself and your partner during the course of your relationship. Include photos, love letters, cards and other special mementoes to tell your love story.

What do you put in a scrapbook for someone?

A scrapbook can include photos as well as any special mementoes such as love letters, cards, lace, fabric swatches, ticket stubs and dried flowers. It can include anything that you feel will help to tell your story.

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