Craft Room Ideas: How to Design The Perfect Space

April 25, 2023 5 Comments

Craft Room Ideas: How to Design The Perfect Space

Whether you’re a long-time crafter or you are at the beginning of your crafting journey, having a craft room is often the ultimate goal and a much better option than commandeering the dining table! We have put together some fun and practical craft room ideas to help you get started.

Perhaps you are planning a designated room for your crafting or you intend to convert an unused space in your house. Either way, planning is key to having a craft space that is organised, functional and used to its best potential.

Firstly, you will need to decide whether you are dedicating a whole room to your crafting endeavours or converting an area of your house. Once you know where you will be setting up your crafting space, it’s time to get started with the process. Here is a list of all things to consider when putting together your craft room.

Create a floor plan

Make a floor plan of the space that you have readily available when buying or looking for furniture. Measure everything carefully and note it all down on graph paper or using a computer program. This will give you a reference guide when purchasing furniture, decorations and supplies. You can use the floor plan to make sure everything will fit and achieve the best room design.

Allocate zones

Consider how you will use the space and allocate zones accordingly. You may need one zone for your computer, printer and digital needs, another zone for your Cricut machine and a photography zone. By creating zones you can work more efficiently and stay organised.

Declutter your space

Take a look through all of your existing crafting supplies and determine whether they are all needed. If there are tools and supplies you no longer need, sell them or give them away. This will open up valuable space in your new craft room.

Invest in good lighting

It is important to have good lighting in your crafting space, especially for detail-oriented crafts. If possible, set up your space in a room or area that has a window to allow for natural light and allocate this area as a zone for activities that require this type of lighting.
Understandably, natural lighting is not always an option, so the alternative is to ensure that you have adequate overhead lighting plus extra lamps on your desk and work area.


Choose the right work table

For paper crafting, such as scrapbooking and cardmaking, having a large table with room to lay out multiple projects at a time is great. You also want to choose a table that is the correct height so that you can craft comfortably and ergonomically.

Choose the right chair

Make sure that you get a comfortable and ergonomic chair so that you are crafting in comfort. A chair with wheels is often an advantage.


Small craft room ideas

If you don’t have the option of an entire room dedicated to your craft, you can still set up a small space in an unused corner of the home office, living room, kitchen or even the laundry room. Some things to consider with a small space are getting furniture that will fit your space and organising the use of the space to its best potential.

Think about adding a corner desk with a hutch for storage, or perhaps a table that folds down when not in use. If your craft space is in an area of the house that is frequently visited by others, you might want to consider cabinets with doors for storage to keep the area looking neater. Take advantage of any existing built-in cabinets or countertops that you can use in your space.


DIY small craft room ideas

You can still create an amazing craft space even if you don’t have a lot of room. The key to having a functional small craft room is to keep it organised! Here are some DIY tips to make the most of your small craft room:

  • Use furniture that will function well in the small space, such as a table that has drop down sides that you can extend when needed
  • Add shelves or drawers to the space under your desk to make use of this unused area
  • Hang curtain rods or dowel on the wall and add hooks that can then hold baskets for your supplies
  • Make use of the height in the room, add shelves up high to store less used items
  • Hang a pegboard on the wall, you could even paint it to suit your colour scheme
  • Repurpose shoe boxes, jars or to use for storage
  • Use the back of the door for storage by adding shelves if possible or even by repurposing a hanging shoe organiser to store supplies
  • Create a craft cart by adding castors to a small storage unit that you can then wheel around the room when needed but it can be kept stored against the wall when not in use.

Craft room storage ideas

Storage is one of the most important elements in your craft space. Everything needs to have its own spot to keep things organised and tidy. Here are some ways that you can use every bit of space effectively:

  • Put pegboards and hanging storage on the walls
  • Use over-door storage systems
  • Put tubs or baskets on the floor under desks or craft tables
  • Label everything clearly
  • Store items used less frequently up high so they are out of the way
  • Paint a wall or door with chalkboard paint to make it a usable noticeboard

Organising by colour is a system that works well too. Sort your pens, pencils and markers by colour, your stamp pads by colour and your papers by colour. This way, you will easily be able to find what you are looking for.


In addition, clear storage jars are great for being able to see everything at a glance. You will know exactly what is inside them and they can be used as a decorative feature in the room as well. We also recommend open shelving systems that will give you quick and easy access to your supplies. Ikea Kallax units are perfect for storing your 12x12 papers and cardstock safely and neatly.

Uniquely Creative have a range of clear storage pockets that are perfect for safely storing your dies, stamps, fussy cut elements, stencils, flowers and more.


Craft room ideas on a budget

Your craft space can be organised and functional even if you are on a tight budget. Here are 3 tips for setting up without spending too much:

1. Repurpose or reuse furniture that you already have
Any desks, chest of drawers or cabinets that you have can be used in your craft space. If they are mismatched, you could do a DIY makeover with a quick coat of chalk paint to give them a cohesive look.

2. Shop in second-hand stores or at garage sales
When shopping for second-hand goods you are likely to find affordable baskets or storage bins, and even cabinets or furniture.

3. Spread out your purchases
You don’t need to buy all your craft room furniture and supplies at once. Start with the essentials, then gradually add to your craft space.

This crafting space is yours so add your personal touches too. Whether that be through painting the walls, adding colourful furniture, vibrant accents or even just adding a few houseplants that you already have. Make this a creative space that brings you joy and where your creativity can flow. Have fun creating your projects!

Whether you are creating a whole room dedicated to your crafting or just converting a small unused space in your home, planning is key to having a craft space that is organised, functional and used to its best potential.

Create your floor plan, allocate zones within your space, ensure you have adequate lighting and suitable workspaces. And don’t underestimate the importance of a good storage system. After all, we all want to spend more time crafting don’t we!

Related questions

What is the purpose of a craft room?
The purpose of a craft room is to have a designated area where you can enjoy your creative outlet. It promotes productivity and enables you to keep all your supplies in one place ready for use for your craft projects.

How do you layout a craft room?
Plan your craft room layout to ensure that the space is organised and functional. Keep in mind the following steps when creating the layout:

  • Make use of any natural lighting available by placing a desk near the window
  • Allocate zones for activities
  • Add cupboards, shelves and drawers


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September 23, 2023

Nice information. Storage Shelves, bookshelves, whatever you like, these are all our best friends when it comes to de-cluterring our space. Thans for sharing.


May 04, 2023

Great ideas. I am lucky that I have a craft room but it needs a complete over hall. Thanks for the tips. Love your UC products


May 03, 2023

Great post, thanks. I’m currently moving into a new space so it’s very timely for me


May 03, 2023

I am inspired today – Building a new house with a 5.5 × 6m craft room to kit out….great ideas here. Thanks. It will be a huge step up from a million piles under a desk in my spare room. <3 Love UC…Your products are fabulous and the design team are so creative. Keep up the amazing work. <3

Maree Kapnopoulos
Maree Kapnopoulos

May 03, 2023

My craft room looks like a disaster zone..I feel motivated today to start the “cleanup”

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