Different Looks Using The Nesting Book Die

April 05, 2022 1 Comment

Different Looks Using The Nesting Book Die

Our design team has created such stunning layouts and cards using The Story Garden Collection, in particular we have loved the creative ways that they have used the Nesting Book Die.

Today I am sharing with you some different looks using the die, each absolutely lovely!  


Card by Kay Forder

Card by Lucy Patrick

Layout by Kylie Kingham

Layout by Hetty Hall

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April 05, 2022

The ideas your team has with all the sets are great I love all the layouts, Tracy.
I mostly card make and Originally, I purchased a kit so I could take them with me when I care for my elderly(94yrs) mother on weekends, as the photo makes it easy to follow( lots of interruption some weeks ) so if I get 1 card done while looking after mum its a bonus!
Mum has recently started to take an interest in what I bring with me( she was an avid crafter in her time) , so I give her a few bits and she creates something of her own. Her attention span is not great, so its exciting when she dose have a play .Mum loves the quality of the artwork(story garden) and colours most of all.
thank you for a quality product.

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