How to use lots of layers to create a beautiful scrapbook

February 01, 2023 1 Comment

How to use lots of layers to create a beautiful scrapbook

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Uniquely Creative Products Used:

  • UCP2503 Summer Rose
  • UCP2505 The Avenue
  • UCP2506 Sonata in D
  • UCP2508 Vintage Collage
  • UCP2509 Delighted Tags & Titles
  • UCP2513 Summer Sonata Creative Cuts
  • UCP2516 Summer Sonata Vellum Creative Cuts
  • UCCA1750 Meadow Cardstock
  • UCL1761 Summer Sonata laser cut
  • UCE1838 Believe stickers
  • Cut-a-part sheet.


Other Products Used:  

  • Scissors
  • Trimmer board
  • Mist ink
  • Glue,
  • Adhesive tape
  • Foam squares


Artist: Kylie Kingham 


Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve memories and showcase your creativity. One of the best techniques to create a beautiful scrapbooking layout is by using layers. Layering adds depth, texture, and dimension to your pages, and it's an excellent way to make your scrapbook stand out. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of using layers in scrapbooking and how to get started using them.

Why Use Layers?

Using layers in scrapbooking adds depth and texture to your page. Layers create a three-dimensional effect and make your layout more interesting to look at. By adding layers, you can draw the eye to specific elements on the page, and you can create a flow that guides the viewer through the layout. Layers also allow you to add embellishments, photos, and other elements without overcrowding the page.

Getting Started

To start using layers in your scrapbooking, you will need a few supplies. Firstly, choose a scrapbook that complements your project. Next, gather your materials, including scrapbooking paper, stickers, die-cuts, and other embellishments. If you're looking for unique scrapbooking supplies in Australia, our company Uniquely Creative specializes in creating high-quality and beautiful supplies.

Once you have your supplies, start by selecting a background paper. The background paper will form the foundation of your layout, and it's essential to choose a color and pattern that complements your project. Next, select your photos and embellishments and start layering. Begin with the largest elements first and then add smaller ones on top. Use adhesive, such as scrapbooking tape or glue, to secure the layers in place.

Tips for Layering

Here are some tips for creating beautiful layers in your scrapbooking layout:

  1. Choose a focal point for your layout and build the layers around it.

  2. Use different textures and patterns to add interest and depth to your page.

  3. Experiment with different sizes and shapes of elements to create a dynamic layout.

  4. Add journaling to your layout to provide context and tell the story of the memories you are preserving.

  5. Don't be afraid to mix and match different materials, such as fabric, ribbon, and lace, to create unique layers.

In conclusion, using layers is an excellent technique to create beautiful scrapbooking layouts. It adds depth, texture, and dimension to your pages and draws the viewer's eye to specific elements. To get started, choose a scrapbook and gather your materials, including unique and high-quality supplies from Uniquely Creative. Remember to experiment with different textures and patterns, and don't be afraid to mix and match different materials. With these tips, you'll be able to create stunning layers in your scrapbooking layouts.


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Jenny Hughes
Jenny Hughes

February 25, 2023

Hi, I found this very useful, I haven’t used a lot of layering. I am going to give it a try to create some extra lovely (hopefully) pages in my daughters wedding album. Lovely to mix the papers.
Kind regards

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