Why do people love to receive handmade cards?

February 03, 2023

Why do people love to receive handmade cards?

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Artist: Lucy Patrick

Uniquely Creative Products Used:

  • UCP2504 Birdsong
  • UCP2505 The Avenue
  • UCP2506 Sonata in D
  • UCP2510 Charming Accents
  • UCP2513 Summer Sonata Creative Cuts
  • UCE1849 Lace Doilies Delicate
  • UCP2516 Summer Sonata Vellum Creative Cuts
  • UCL1761 Summer Sonata Laser Cut
  • UCE1959 Puffy Gold Alpha Stickers 
  • UCD1974 Stitched Nesting Rectangle Die
  • UCD1995 Stitched banner die
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Mini Cut-a-parts
  • UCE1803 Foam mounts strips


Other Products Used:  

  • Scissors
  • Trimmer board
  • Adhesive tape


In today's fast-paced world, we're bombarded with digital communication and pre-made products. So it's no surprise that people love to receive handmade cards. These cards are not only unique and personal, but they also showcase the thought and effort put into creating them. In this blog post, we'll explore why people love to receive handmade cards and how craft supplies like creative paper and metal die contribute to the magic.

  1. Personal Touch Handmade cards are made with love, and this personal touch is something that store-bought cards cannot replicate. When someone receives a handmade card, they can feel the time, effort, and care that went into making it. It's a special feeling to know that someone has gone out of their way to create something unique and meaningful just for you.

  2. Uniqueness Handmade cards are one-of-a-kind, and this uniqueness is part of what makes them so special. With the use of craft supplies like creative paper and metal die, handmade cards can take on a variety of shapes and styles that are not available in store-bought cards. This allows the creator to truly express themselves and create something that is unique to the recipient.

  3. Creativity Making handmade cards allows the creator to exercise their creativity in a meaningful way. With beautiful, patted paper and stunning embellishments, there are endless possibilities when it comes to designing and creating a card. This creative outlet is not only fulfilling for the creator but also adds to the uniqueness and personalization of the card.

  4. Thoughtful Gestures Handmade cards are often given for special occasions or just as a thoughtful gesture. The fact that someone has taken the time to create a card instead of buying one shows the recipient that they are valued and appreciated. This thoughtfulness and care is often what makes a handmade card so meaningful and treasured.

  5. Keepsakes Handmade cards are often kept as keepsakes, treasured for their uniqueness and personal touch. These cards can evoke special memories and emotions and serve as a reminder of the special relationship between the creator and the recipient. With craft supplies like creative paper and metal die, the creator can add a level of detail and customization that makes the card even more special as a keepsake.

In conclusion, people love to receive handmade cards for their personal touch, uniqueness, creativity, thoughtfulness, and keepsake value. With craft supplies like creative paper and metal die, the creator can express themselves in unique and meaningful ways, adding to the magic of the handmade card. So the next time you're looking for a special way to show someone you care, consider making them a handmade card that they can treasure for years to come.

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