Tips for Layering on Layouts - Lydell Quin

August 18, 2022 1 Comment

Tips for Layering on Layouts - Lydell Quin

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Uniquely Products Used:


Other Products Used:

  • Trimmer 
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black Pen
  • Foam Squares
  • Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher (Stapler)
  • Distress Ink - Black Soot
  • String  


This Collection was such a fun collection to play with layering.  It lends itself to dimension and texture very nicely, with much of it quite effortless as it's actually part of the paper.  It really takes the guesswork out of it!! 

There are a couple of things you can do to add more texture to your pages aside from adding layers.

 1.  Add foam tape or cardboard to lift parts of your design.

2. Ink edges to create depth and only glue in the centre of the papers so the edges lift a bit

3. Tear papers towards yourself to leave the white edge and then tear and roll that edge once you glue the piece down

4. Add string or cotton amongst the layers to add texture.

5. Add staples to your layers....even going as far as making them functional by holding all your layers together before you glue the parts down as a whole piece.

TIP...if you have not come across this tip already, here's a tip to apply cursive word stickers that can be very tricky to work with. Use a very thin sticker lifter tool (this one is an old one from Creative Memories) to lift the bottom pieces of the sticker and slide a clear ruler or piece of acetate to just catch the bottom edges lightly.  Use the tool if you need, to then release the top portion of the sticker and lift it off its backing.  Now position it where you need to place it and press the top portion down.  Then gently ease the bottom part off the ruler to acetate and press that onto your page.  It can still prove to be tricky, but it's well worth it to have pretty titles and mix and match typography on your Layouts.

I had a lot of fun layering and creating texture on my pages this month.  Hope you do too!


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Joanne Tunstall
Joanne Tunstall

August 23, 2022

Beautiful page. Thanks so much for sharing the tip about the sticker word placement. That is a definite game changer for me.

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