How To Use The Spine Die - Lydell Quin

January 29, 2022 1 Comment

How To Use The Spine Die - Lydell Quin

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Hi there,

Today we are sharing some ideas and inspiration on ways to use Uniquely Creative's new 4 Hole Page Spine Die.  It's quite a versatile die and one I am super happy to have in my collection.
If you enjoy adding in elements to your albums that may not suit a page protector, then this die is awesome!
Below I have shared a flip through video with a description of ways I have used it so far and I am certain there are many more ways to put it to good use!
Here's an overview!
The most simple way to use this die, is to just attach a regular-sized page to the die-cut without needing to put holes in your page and account for holes in your designing.
Attach shaped papers to create fun interaction throughout your album.  It's kinda fun to see a sneak peek of what's behind in the next pages in the background.
Cut the die-cut from acetate, for a clear, 'floating' type look.  (See the video for an explanation on this- as it's a bit hard to see in the photo!)
Attach oversized lettering die-cuts for titles and dividers.  I love the look of this!

A nice easy way to do this is to use a ruler to line up just next to the holes and add your glue while holding the ruler in place.  You then don't need to worry about glue extending further than you intended or not far enough on your inserts.....and there's no mess.  Don't move the ruler, but use it to glue down and align your insert neatly and evenly.  
Attaching photos is easy.  Work out where you'd like your photo positioned in your album and then match that placement to your spine die-cut.  Cut off the excess.

Attach a photo or paper the same size to the back sandwiching the edge of the spine die cut between the two pieces, making it nice and strong!

I hope you enjoy working out ways to use this new die.  I do love adding different sizes photos and pockets to my albums for a nice interactive feel.  It makes it very tactile and interesting!
Some other things you may like to consider
-certificates and awards
-other peoples handmade cards
-different materials such as fabric pages
-other artworks (mixed media)
-handmade pockets 
-useful flip pages to include lots more photos. (waterfall photo pages)
-our stamp and die storage pockets (holding sentimental memorabilia)
just to name a few!
so here's the video showing you what my album looks like with the fun additions the Spine Die allows!  Hope it gives you some ideas on how to use yours!!

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February 03, 2022

Love, love, love these examples! The oversized letters for October is brilliant! Such a clever idea to break up my albums. Thank you 😀

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